Why do small men like tall amazon women


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Why do small men like tall amazon women

Why do small men like tall amazon women

Why do small men like tall amazon women? Because why not? Why do you think you should like or love someone based on something? Love and attraction has nothing to do what society says.

Your individual needs will determine what makes YOU happy. What is important to you isn't always important to someone else. What is attractive to you isn't always attractive to someone else.

Have you ever heard about "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?", what it really means that what is important to you, what you find beautiful and what makes you happy is not always the same for the other person. What you admire and find beautiful isn't always the same for the majority of population.

You would be lucky enough to find someone who needs what you can offer. You would be lucky enough if you can offer what someone else needs. We all have very individual life experiences. If you need a tall amazon woman or if tall woman needs a short man, it isn't always very common but it is possible.

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It just happened that tall amazon women do make small men happy. Maybe a small man finds tallness, power and strength as a very attractive feature to him. Maybe he thinks women who are strong and powerful are beautiful and attractive and it makes him happy. Everyone isn't the same and different people like different things.

Whatever makes you happy it isn't bad as long as you can find someone else who doesn't mind to offer it, as long as both of you are happy, don't resent each other for anything, then it's important. People go through life looking for what is important to them. If you can find someone who would be a willing participant to make you happy but in the same time you can make him/her happy, then it would be a good relationship.

When there is no hurt, but only love for each other, then it will matter. People are looking to love and to be loved, and it can happen even if you are too small or too tall, too big or too short.

Height, looks, strengths of weakness won't matter as long as you make each other happy. This is amazon love between tall strong women and small men. Amazon love is love between two different people.

Sometimes it just happens that small men love tall strong amazon women.