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Women with big feet - large women feet

Women with big feet - large women feet

Women with big feet are often tall. If woman is taller, heavier and overall bigger, her feet will more likely be large. Large feet are quite interesting because you don't see big feet often, on a daily basis. It is very rare to meet a woman with very big feet though.

Some short women have big feet also, but the taller a woman is the bigger her feet are more likely to be. Women often embarrassed of having very large feetlarge feet, so if you like big feet, don't show extreme interest in it, otherwise women might feel very awkward.

Sometimes the bigger feet the better. Big feet are not only great barefoot, but also they look great in large shoes too.

Women with big feet should be more proud of how great they look and what they have. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, just put your great shoes on you and be proud.

People love to admire tall women with big or large feet.

Men love to admire women whether they have big feet or small feet.

Tall women with big feet can be very self conscious about large foot size and high heels shoes. I know it because I'm one of them. I'm a very tall woman and wearing high heels can be stressful sometimes because tall women always attract attention. Being a tall woman is stressful but being a tall womanin high heels is even a bigger challenge.

I want all women with big feet know how beautiful their feet are and be proud of them. Even average or shorter girls with big feet feel very self conscious about foot size and wearing high heels can be uncomfortable not only physically but emotionally too.

Men should compliment women more and more on how beautiful and big their feet are in large shoes, but if we, tall women, heard more compliments like this, it would makes us feel better treat others better too. Tall women do get insecure wearing high heels and they need more complements instead of strange looks in our side.